Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Work less, work smarter

A lot of work systems are like that processes look good on paper, but flounder in real life. The true test is how quickly and how well we do our job call the three S’s:

1. Simplicity. Do you work less?

2. Speed. Do you work faster?

3. Standard. Do you get better?

In our personal work system, breakdowns can mean:

1. You have to repeat work, or fix the work submitted to you.

2. You second guess your authority: can I decide on this, or do I have to go to my superior?

3. You feel unprepared for reports and meeting. Clear about objectives and the state of your department

4. Everything is an emergency or a crisis.

You can fix it on your level. Before we gripe about your company and bosses, let us be reminded that anyone in a supervisorial or managerial position can make a difference at least in our own department, or our own work style. He shares some tools that have helped him. If it can turn around a factory of a billion peso food division, it can help us work faster, smarter, and with less aggravation.


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